Day 2 of Intermittent fasting -Cranky Morning,Painful Evening and Midnight Indulgence

Day 2

Weight- 167.1 pounds.

Weight lost -1.5 pounds

Weighed myself first thing in the morning after waking up. Found that I have lost 1.5 pounds which is enough motivation for continuing on the fast for one more day. Had green tea instead of the usual coffee/tea. Sat in front of my laptop for typing down my Day 1 experience of Intermittent fasting on my blog. In an hour or so, crankiness started. Feeling hungry. Slowly feeling zapped out of energy. Brain is foggy. Within an hour of having my first green tea, I went and fixed myself a lemon drink with honey and dried mint leaves. In an hour or so, started going into a zombie mode with lack of energy.

Can’t find any alternative drink to up my energy levels. Then thought about buttermilk. Fixed myself buttermilk with garlic, ginger and a teenie weenie pinch of salt and diluted it with lots of water. Had one glass. Kept the other glass in the refrigerator to be had in a few hours time. Don’t know if this ‘leangains’ method is working out for me or not. Should I change the time for eating window?

At around 1 pm, had my second glass of buttermilk. By 2.30 pm, it was time for having my first meal of the day. Had cooked vegetables (cabbage, capsicum, carrot, lemon) with a little bit of salt, a tsp of flax seeds and some pasta that I had made for my husband and child. Felt re-energized.

At 6.30 pm, had tea with milk and sugar and two biscuits. Noticed that by evening, my left lower limb was in violent spasms from the nerve pain that I am suffering from (a complication from scar tissue impinging on my S1 nerve root were I had back surgery). Tried Far Infrared Treatment for about 30 minutes. But it didn’t give me relief. Did a 15 minute shoulder and arm work out with dumb bells to distract myself from pain. Then began my ‘distraction eating.’ It is what happens when I am experiencing violent pain. In order to distract myself from pain, I start eating whatever I can get my hands on!! Sad but it is my ugly truth.

Made a hurried trip to the kitchen. Found a packet of banana chips. Came back to bed and ravaged half the packet while my daughter had the other half ! (Yes. I feel ashamed to write this here, but I am doing myself a favour by chronicling all my eating habits, so that I can derive positive lessons from this). At around 8 50 pm, the violent nerve pain was tearing me apart. And my daughter was rebelling against me for giving her homework on English alphabets writing. I was freaking out and didn’t want my pain as a trigger to lash out at my sweet child. So I took her out for a walk in the night. Walked for about 30 minutes with intermittent jogging to ease the pain.Came back. But still my spasms hadn’t gone. Fed my daughter the leftover pasta for dinner. Ate from her plate a heavy serving of it.

At midnight, my husband woke me up from sleep and surprised me with a birthday cake and some roses. Remembered that it was my birthday. Was delighted at seeing sweetness all around. Had hearty servings of the delicious pineapple cream cake. Thus my second day of fasting went terribly wrong after noon. Went back to sleep dreading my weighing scales.


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