Day 3: The Compensation Diet

Day 3

Weight – 170.2 pounds

Increase -3.1 pounds

Up until now, I didn’t know that ‘distraction eating’ can cause this much weight gain in a couple of  hours time. Stumped!!

Feeling a little frustrated after my morning weigh in. Thinking about going on a different route today. Instead of the ‘leangains’, I am going on a moderate ‘compensatory’ diet today (‘compensating’ for my midnight indulgence). I won’t go hardcore in order to ‘compensate’. It is going to be a sensible one. My ‘diet’ challenge is not going to be a sensible one. No ‘detox’ diets or ‘no carbs-protein only’ diets for me. I am not strong enough to mindlessly stop eating all carbs, fats and sugars and punish myself. My challenge is to eat everything moderately at regular intervals, skip a meal a day and substitute it with low calorie, water-based drinks. And whatever diet I am undergoing, I make sure to take my calcium and omega -3 supplements daily (since my bones at L5 S1 are still fusing after spine fusion surgery last year).

I don’t want instant results. I can go through the slow grind because I want to learn a thing or two about self-restraint and delayed gratification through this whole process.

9 am – Tea with milk and sugar. Really needed my caffeine fix. But within a few minutes of having tea, drank a tall glass of water to prevent any stomach irritation from caffeine.

10 am – Wheat grass powder  + honey in a tall glass of water.

11.30 am – two egg whites + one yolk.

12.30 pm – a glass of water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar.

1.30 pm – cucumber juice with ginger and half lemon.

2.30 pm – two bananas.

4.30 pm – wheat grass powder + honey in water.

5.30 pm – 2 bananas + dried figs + tea with milk and sugar + two biscuits.

Did walking and jogging intermittently for 30 minutes.

9.30 pm – cashewnuts + dry dates + potato roast + one naan bread.

P.S – I was eating and drinking something every two hours or so the whole day. It was all going fine till evening. But towards evening, I started eating more and more. And the main mistake that I made is that I had carb overload at dinner, which I am noticing only now after typing in my diet. Potatoes and naan bread together must have added in a lot of calories. I should have had a salad or cooked vegetables instead. Point noted. Will remember it tommorrow night at dinner time. 


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