Day 5 – How to kill an Intermittent Fasting Day

Day 5

Weight – 167.1 pounds

Lost – 1.3 pounds

I am back to the weight I was two days back. And I realize that this will go up again if I don’t eat maturely today. For a while my scales have been fluctuating between 75 and 79. That is my plateau. Earlier I used to be a gym rat, spending at least 2 hours daily, 6 days a week at the gym. I used to do cross training and weights. Ever since I broke my titanium rod on the left side of my lumbar spine (that happened just 7 months post my spine fusion surgery, because I was a little over-zealous about getting my ‘pre-surgery body’ back and doing my regular thing at the gym, which was a little too soon) and going in for a painful revision surgery last September (which took away the remaining energy from me), I totally fear going to the gym. I can’t go on a crash diet either. I read about ‘Beyonce’ diet and other ‘yo-yo’ stuff and think that my body is simply not built for that. I won’t be able to sustain anything hardcore.

So, for the time being, I will stick to Intermittent Fasting for some more time since I don’t want to stop what I have started just because of mistakes made in the first few days.

I was walking and jogging intermittently since five days, but I may have to avoid the jogging part for a while because my knee problem has come back to haunt me again. After walking, I come back and immediately hit the couch with ice packs and blocks of ice which I freeze daily. My back is still sore. I guess that my spine muscles, tissues and ligaments have gone weak because of being cut open multiple times. May be that’s the reason I can’t sustain walking for more than an hour. Sometimes I can’t resist feeling sad for what life has become for me. I am just a pale shadow of my former self now.

Intermittent Fast Day:

I am counting the 14 hours of fasting from last night’s dinner at 9 pm till 11 am today.

9 am – Tea with milk and sugar (milk and sugar are cheats I know) and lots of water to flush it down.

12 pm – first meal of the day (2 ripe mangoes + cashewnuts).

Now I have an eight hour window till 8 pm at night to eat moderately.

2 pm – Potato roast + naan bread + curried rice and lentils (now I have gone a little over-the -top with carbs).

Feeling low because of the painful flare up of inflammation in my right knee (because I tried intermittent jogging last five days). Have been doing R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) since morning, but it is not relenting.

5 pm –  Raided my kitchen cupboards and found some  flavoured wafers and spicy chips. Munched on it.

I am in a world of physical and emotional pain right now. And it is showing in my diet.

6 pm – Tea with milk and sugar.

Went for slow walk of almost 30 minutes wearing knee protection. Then walked my way to the nearby cafe and ordered a pastry and ice cream!!!

9 pm – Had left over pickles, rice and curd from my daughter’s plate.

I tried to ‘eat away’ my pain. I know it doesn’t go away that way, but I keep doing it all the time. Can see a clear pattern emerging here. My eating spree is directly proportional to an increase in the chronic pain I am having.

P.S – Killed my previous day’s effort. Went to bed dreading the weighing scales. I am an ‘obsessive compulsive eater’ and this is proving to be a ‘monster’ of a challenge for me. I still haven’t got it right. 


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