Fingers crossed

I did a home urine test on 8th January and it came out positive! The very next day, that is, on 9th January, I went to consult with a gyneac. He told me that it was way too early to confirm a positive pregnancy test through urine, because my period was still due next week. To confirm that he did an ultrasound scan (not the trans vaginal, but the usual one, over the lower abdomen) and wrote in his report ‘Empty Uterus.’ He didn’t check my blood or urine. He prescribed me folic acid tablets and asked me to go in for an ultrasound on 30th or 31st of this month. But I went home and in the following few days, repeated home urine test twice and got clear positives both times. This has me positively confused and scared. This is anything but normal. Three times positive, but doctor says ‘Empty Uterus.’  My LMP was on 14th  December 2016, so technically I may be  four weeks pregnant now.  I think conception must have occurred (if it has really occurred) during the last week of December 2016 (or it can even be during the first two days of January if sperm had waited for egg). Since I didn’t use an ovulation kit, I don’t know the exact date of my ovulation. Though I was half expecting it, I am scared shitless now.  While I am typing this, it is supposed to be the third day of my period. Aunt Flow hasn’t arrived yet. But during the last three days, I have been getting these sharp menstrual-like cramps which is scaring me and driving me crazy.  Added to those on and off cramps is the shooting pain from the lower left side of my back where I have scar tissue compressing my S1 nerve root. It has been on the rise these couple of days. My husband is out of station. He left on the 30th of December for a two and half months long training. I am alone with my daughter. Time is moving so slowly. I am praying to God that he may take care of me and protect me from any possible harm during this tormenting time period. Is it that the Creator and the Universe have decided to give me a precious New Year gift this year? I am happy, overwhelmed and confused right now. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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