11 weeks pregnant

My last blog post was almost a month back. I haven’t been able to update on my pregnancy story because of (1) lack of internet connection, (2) i had to travel quite a distance in the beginning of February. Well, here I am at last.

February has been a harrowing month for me. By the end of January, I decided that staying alone without help may not be the wisest decision to make since I was in my very early pregnancy and was experiencing recurrent lower abdomen pain. So I put my foot down and decided to travel to where my husband is. As I had mentioned in my earlier post, my husband is presently doing a compulsory course of three month duration in a faraway place. So on Feb 1st, me, along with me daughter traveled around 900 miles to reach our destination. We had to travel by road for three hours to reach our first airport. It was a long and bumpy ride in gypsy, made hard because of a major landslide that occurred the previous day. The national highway was blocked by huge trucks and goods vehicles unable to transit due to boulders and rocks that had fallen on the the road. Our driver had to drive at a snail’s pace of 20 km/hr because of the road block and we were literally jumping inside the vehicle because of the rocks and sharp stones on the road. At one point, I started having contraction-like cramps which made me really nervous. But somehow we reached the airport and were going to nearly miss the first flight. After reaching the second airport, we got two hours to eat, rest and relax. At around late noon, we boarded our second flight. On both flights, I was feeling seriously nauseous and was snacking on barbeque flavour Uncle Chips! Yes. I felt guilty afterwards for snacking on unhealthy stuff having MSG. But at that point of time, I felt like I would puke through out the journey if I don’t have it. I remembered, during my first pregnancy, I had to travel across the country, taking three consecutive flights, and in each flight I was throwing up incessantly making the whole flight smell of vomit! Thankfully I din’t puke this time, thanks to Uncle Chips. We reached the third and final airport at around 7 pm and finally reached our place after a one and a half hour long car ride.

I was feeling alright in the night. But I started having moderate to severe lower abdomen pain for the next four days and nights.  My husband is very very busy that I get to see him only in the nights when he has to sit at his desk and study. He is very very short of time. And I don’t know this place much. So I had to wait for a few more days till he took me to a decent ob/gyn (for that we have to travel at least one and a half hours towards city). I had my third ultrasound scan which revealed that the little one inside was around seven weeks and six days of gestational age. I was relieved to see a decent heartbeat of 162 bpm! When I informed the ob/gyn about the recurring lower abdomen pain and all that travelling, she told me that there may be a threat, or there may not be a threat! To be on the safer side she has put me on progesterone supplements (my ultrasound scan had revealed ‘thin decidua’) and HCG injections. After taking my first HCG injection, my nausea returned with a vengeance. Other than taking me to the hospital that one time, my husband hasn’t been of much help to me since he has lots to study and classes to attend daily.

Healthwise, I am doing OK. Since this place is located in Central India, it is getting hotter and hotter with each passing day. People here say that it will be mercilessly scorching in the days to come nearing summer. From day 1, I have been having bad nose bleeds. We don’t have a kitchen here, and so we have to walk till the mess each time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch time is the worst. I feel dizzy walking in the scorching sun with low BP , fatigue and nose bleed. Added to that, I have been having indigestion and frequent loose bowels, which is making my fatigue worse. My Reactive Arthritis has returned with a vengeance, and I am having difficulty keeping up with the frequent swelling, shivering and chills. The scar tissue binding my S1 nerve root is giving me sleepless nights. Whenever, health issues crop up, I just take a deep breath and think about the little one inside. I am in my 11th week now. He or she must have now progressed from embryo to fetus. I remind myself that nothing worthwhile can be achieved easily in life. This one thought keeps me going during my hard days.


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