16 weeks pregnant

I am officially 16 weeks pregnant now. Since last month my weight has drastically increased. I am 82.7 kg as of today. That is an almost 2.7 kg increase in three weeks time. Considering that I began my pregnancy overweight, I now have to eat carefully. During my first pregnancy, I ended up at 95 kg  (my heaviest) till date at the time of delivery. That was because of a total lack of exercise combined with stress eating. But this time I don’t want to tread that path. I want to contain my weight gain to not more than 88-89 kg. Last time, my belly had ballooned so much that it was as if I was carrying three or four watermelons combined. It made my lower abdomen sag and become like a bag.  That extra adipose tissue caused serious pain after c-section, each time I tried getting up from bed or rolling to the side.

From 12th or 13th week, I had started feeling baby No.2 making gentle movements. That was till last week. Since last week, I have been noticing a drastic decline in baby’s pushes and moves. Not to be overly worried, I haven’t gone to see my ob/gyn till now. I make my daughter talk to my belly every day in order to elicit some reaction from her little sister/brother. Yesterday she devised an ingenious method to provoke baby’s response. She put a bunch of crayons inside her palm and rubbed and rolled them all over my belly.  In a few minutes, I felt a very gentle squirm inside, as though the baby was telling us not to disturb her sleep. But I think I have to go and see my ob/gyn sooner than later.

I am craving for fruit juices. Cold citrous flavoured, sweet, tangy juices like pineapple, orange, grapes and lemon. With my daughter, I was craving ice cream. This time around, I have developed this serious aversion towards chicken and meat. I would have loved to have some fish though. My mouth waters each time I think about the different fish dishes back in my home State; fish cooked in coconut gravy with lots of green and red chilli, turmeric, mustard, black pepper and a hind of tamarind, fish fried in coconut oil with a light coating of salt, turmeric and chilli, prawns in coconut, fried tuna….

Sleep is pretty much next to zero, but not as horrible as when compared to the last three months when I was suffering from insomnia.  I was peeing four or five times every night during first trimester. Now I get up around 4 or 5 am to pee once every night. Occasional muscle spasms in my left lower side and increasing si joint pain in my right pelvis are making night times difficult. In addition to that I get up a couple of times in the night almost instinctively when my five year old daughter either rolls towards the edge of the bed or when she rolls towards me with her bend knees strategically aimed towards my belly. Her rolling and squirming in sleep are very knee-jerk most of the time and being her co-sleeper, I get kicked and punched in sleep if I don’t instinctively wake up and protect myself. Yesterday my loving husband ordered online a maternity pillow for me. Below is the picture of it. He ordered it in Cyan color. Hope it will reach me soon and be of some help with my sleeping positions.

Coozly ULYTE Pregnancy Pillow
Coozly U LYTE Pregnancy Pillow with Cotton Cover from Amazon.com

Though I keep myself busy teaching my kid drawing and painting, repairing damaged fancy showpieces, listening to music, reading or watching TV, sometimes out of the blue I get hit by turbulent emotions.  It transforms me into a heap of tears. I really want to come out of all my past trauma and change for the better, become more positive, but that, for me is going to be a Herculean task.

My high point this week was when I repaired, painted and hung up in my living room, my four Chinese dolls (showpieces in thin bamboo sheets which I had lovingly bought from Shillong four years back) which my little devil had damaged previously. I have hung them up in a place where she can’t reach. And also, I don’t think she will destroy beautiful stuff like that again, now that she is five years old; now that she has seen the time and effort her mama has put in, sticking together the torn pieces and painting it.


Though they still look a little worn out, I am happy that I could retrieve them instead of throwing them away.

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