23 weeks pregnant

I have officially entered the sixth month. Though I haven’t popped fully, my bump is showing and finally I look pregnant rather than looking and feeling like I have had five burritos for lunch. Those little wriggles and kicks are getting better and better. My husband felt the baby kick yesterday. He was so elated. He didn’t get a chance to feel the baby inside my belly last time, when I was pregnant with my girl, because he was away almost all the nine months. My weight as of now is 85.8 kg. Till last month, I was walking and doing some shoulder and arm exercises regularly.  But starting with May, I haven’t been able to go for regular walks, nor do upper body strengthening exercises. Each time I try to go for a walk, I feel pressure and slight pain building up in my V-area and I stop walking.

Sleep has gotten a little better with the maternity pillow. Yesterday, the maternity belt that I had ordered online, arrived. I haven’t started using it yet.

I have been on a writing frenzy since the start of May. One of my articles got published in Huffington Post a week back. I have written and send three more articles to various newspapers and magazines. I guess my little womb raider has triggered a flow of creative juices within me. I remember it was the same with my daughter too. I had actually started writing when she was in my womb. I had written almost 10 short stories for children in my personal diary, by the time I was six months with her. During that time, I was at my in-laws place. And then I had gone for a short stay with my parents. I forgot to take my diary along with me. Upon coming back to my in-laws’ I found that the diary was missing. My sister-in-law had taken all books, magazines and papers from my husband’s cupboard and had sold them to the man who buys old papers and other stuff, for a paltry sum. My diary was lost in that.

Anyway, what is lost , is lost. At least now I am nowhere near my in-laws and I am happy that there is nobody to throw away my stuff.

My legs are getting more and more spasmodic. Most of the time, I feel like there is absolutely no blood flow through them. I am stretching every now and then, but still no use. Right now, I am having a bout of viral fever. I got it from my daughter, who got it from one of her classmates. Since last three days, I’ve been down with a severe throat infection, bad headaches, body pain and swelling in all my joints. I haven’t taken any medicines yet. I am sticking to home remedies like gargling with warm water and salt, chewing ginger, drinking lots of warm fluids, and resting. I hope it will go away in a few days.

Emotion wise, I am feeling happy overall. Writing is cathartic. I feel like I have turned a corner by concentrating all my energy into writing.  I am hoping to ride this wave till the time the baby arrives. After that I may have to remain content with what ever free time I get after taking care of his/her needs and also my big girl’s needs.

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