Malignant Narcissism and its Repercussions

Malignant Narcissism has many devastating consequences on its victims. Healing is definitely possible, but it takes time. One cannot describe how much time it takes to heal, because it differs from person to person; the flashbacks, the many triggers of past trauma that come and go as occasional or frequent memories.

The malignant narcissist can be anyone. Your husband, your wife, father, mother, sibling, in-laws, daughter, son, ex-lover, boss, teacher, senior, classmate, neighbor,friend; anyone can be the bully. Blood relations cannot discount the violence or trauma the victim suffers in course of the given relationship.

In fact, familial/blood relations only aggravate the viciousness of the abuse. Long term entrapment in such a relationship can lead to Stockholm Syndrome in which the victim becomes delusioned and actually starts conforming with the bullying, gaslighting and the many forms of abuse. Here I give an account of the viciousness of such a past relationship, the detrimental effects of it on physical/mental health and how to gain the wisdom and courage to walk away from such an entrapment, from a victim’s standpoint.

For seven long years, I stayed in a toxic relationship, walking on eggshells. I was a people-pleaser of the highest order. Anybody could walk over me and complain that I wasn’t flat enough to be a doormat. I was happily dedicated to servitude and there was hardly any time for me to take care of myself, pursue my passions or even get a little rest. Often my inner voice would tell me, “This was not a way to live.” But I stayed on and the noose kept tightening.

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