34 weeks pregnant

My doodle art

My last post was when I was in my 23rd week. A lot of things happened in between which kept me away from blogging. I was down with viral fever thrice between May and August. Since my husband was super busy and there was nobody for help, I had a really tough time during sickness. In these parts, they call it the ‘foot and mouth disease’ which is caused by a particular strain of virus. It causes blister-like formations oozing with pus outside mouth, inside mouth, throat, food pipe, and all the soft tissue areas in the body. Throat and lung infections were add ons with persistent vomiting. I couldn’t even drink water. And all that throwing up , in turn, left me dehydrated and caused Urinary Tract Infection. My condition was so bad that at one point I really thought I would die!

But here I am, still alive and kicking. Baby No.2 has been kicking, punching and doing somersaults all this while. During my last ultrasound, the radiologist kept telling me that the baby is already 3 kilos at the start of the eight month. I am obviously carrying a big baby. There may be two reasons. It can either be due to the fact that physiologically we both (me and my husband) are taller and bigger than the average population. Or, it can also be that my sugar levels are high and  the baby might be hypoglycemic. I have given my blood and urine samples for testing and I am waiting for the results, hoping that it should be normal. Now, there is very little space inside my womb and the baby is getting cramped inside. Yesterday, he/she was pushing my rib cage which made me breathless and writhing in pain for almost half a day. (It had happened last time also with baby No.1, when she kept pushing on to the right side of my rib cage which left me in sheer agony for almost two weeks).

Insomnia is another problem. Added to the lack of sleep, my si joints are really really sore. I can’t turn to the sides without feeling like my si joints would tear apart. Nerve compression and violent spasms in my left leg are still going strong.

To distract myself from all the stress, aches and pains, I discovered a new hobby – papercraft. For almost 8 to 10 days, I went on rigorously cutting and sticking colored papers and ultimately mad a decent wall art of flowers and leaves in my bedroom for the baby. Actually my small bedroom is really cramped and looks bat-shit crazy with all the cupboards, bureaus, my daughter’s study table and chair, bed and now a large co-sleeper for baby No.2. The wall art that I have made, camouflages one big portion of the shabby wall. I also made a doodle art which I have given for framing, which will cover up another wall. I’ll be uploading the pics as soon as I get the framed doodle art.

It has been a very difficult pregnancy with me down much of the time with sickness. But I am thankful to God that he has given me enough strength to carry on till now. I am counting days right now. One more month to go for my elective c-section. I have also started going to a different and better hospital with a caring obgyn and beds with back support for those who need it. The only problem is that this hospital is a little far away from where we stay. But I am happy because this is more than what I had asked for, considering that I a few months back, I was preparing myself to give birth in a make-shift military hospital here with an over-worked and non-caring old man for an obgyn. (As I have mentioned in my previous posts, we are posted in a field area with mountainous terrain and very basic facilities.  There are no good hospitals or maternity clinics around).

Overall, I feel happy. My big day is nearing and unlike my last delivery, my loving husband is around to help me. Counting days and praying for the health and well-being of baby No.2. My daughter is really really excited about having a little brother/sister. Oh..this reminds me one thing. Time is ticking and we haven’t decided on the the names yet:)

My wall art

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