The sad story of a Peanut butter cake

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I painstakingly make a whole wheat peanut butter cake with peanuts caramelized in brown sugar/jaggery…. And my daughter says “I don’t want it.” I claim that it’s healthy and that I am sending it as tiffin to school. She replies, “but I don’t like peanuts. Make me something else.” It was only two days back that she told me she liked peanut butter, I wonder !🤔 She is a bitter critic than Gordon Ramsay ( oh, I so so admire him 💕💕). But she didn’t even taste this one. I baked it for her. I am disappointed.

P.S- Children are our best critiques. But sometimes they can act as fickle-minded idiots, messing with Mama’s brain..😡

#peanutbuttercake #bakingistherapy #wholewheatcake #caramelizedpeanuts #brown sugar #jaggery

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