While you were celebrating National Banana Bread Day

On February 23, 2018, while you were celebrating National Banana Bread Day, I thought of baking myself a banana cake. Not so much as to commemorate the day, but I had a dozen or so ripe bananas lying idle on my dining table.

My husband buys bananas only to get rid of them. He buys bananas every week. He waits and waits for them to ripen. And when their skin starts turning black, he throws them away inspite of me, yelling at him that those over-ripe ones are rich in probiotics. I can only eat so much of them and so week after week, this ritual continues.

On February 23, 2018, I read a post by Kat in The Lily Cafe, about the National Banana Bread Day, in which she had shared a recipe of her mom’s favorite banana bread. And so, in an effort to save them bananas from my husband’s evil plan, I thought of baking a banana cake. I don’t have the necessary tools for baking bread. This reminds me that I need to order a loaf pan online.

And this happens…😲😲. I was on my way to becoming a narcissistic baking/cooking-know-it-all and this stopped me right on my tracks. What do you do with an undercooked cake?

This is what happens when you are insincere in following a recipe.

Update: So what if the whole house has been smelling of caramelized bananas for two days in a row? So what if your husband tells you that he feels like retching each time the word “banana” even crosses his mind; that he is not planning on buying them for the next few years? You got to save a dozen of over-ripe bananas from getting thrown into the garbage and that my dear, is more important, right?

And so I transformed my undercooked cake into warm Banana-Cinnamon Muffins with sesame seeds.

The transformation of my undercooked cake into warm Banana-Cinnamon sesame muffins



2 Comments Add yours

  1. kat says:

    What a great way to solve your banana problem! And they look delicious!

  2. Thank you Kat 😊.I have to thank you for posting that banana bread recipe.it is superb!

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