23 weeks pregnant

I have officially entered the sixth month. Though I haven’t popped fully, my bump is showing and finally I look pregnant rather than looking and feeling like I have had five burritos for lunch. Those little wriggles and kicks are getting better and better. My husband felt the baby kick yesterday. He was so elated….

11 weeks pregnant

My last blog post was almost a month back. I haven’t been able to update on my pregnancy story because of (1) lack of internet connection, (2) i had to travel quite a distance in the beginning of February. Well, here I am at last. February has been a harrowing month for me. By the…

Fingers crossed

I did a home urine test on 8th January and it came out positive! The very next day, that is, on 9th January, I went to consult with a gyneac. He told me that it was way too early to confirm a positive pregnancy test through urine, because my period was still due next week….